A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Spot the spy and challenge him in an epic dance battle !

License to Groove is a 100% accurate Cold War espionage simulator, created from firsthand accounts of operators in the CIA. You play as a spy pursuing an enemy agent at a high society party — use your skills of observation to find the most suspicious guest, accuse them, and subdue them.

Surreal - https://itch.io/profile/surreal-vgm (Composer)

Irio - D: (Developper)

Camoleite - https://www.camoleite.artstation.com/ (Artist - Background)

SeaSalti - https://www.deviantart.com/sheepsoda/gallery/ (Artist - Characters)

Sygmei - https://github.com/Sygmei (Developper)

AriRT - https://ari-runanin-telle.itch.io/ (Writer / Game Designer)


License to Groove v1.0 9 MB
License to Groove v1.1 9 MB
License to Groove v1.1 (Linux) 12 MB

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